Pass the Cheese, Please: Oven Depot’s Go-To Local Cheese Suppliers

 Using blue goat cheese from Malagos Farmhouse and Mozzarella from Casa Burrata. 

Is there anything more glorious than seeing a pizza come out of the oven? That moment of anticipation as you wait to dig in; assessing the optimal moment to cut yourself a slice. Hearing your stomach grumble as you gauge when to take your first bite––ensuring that it’s still hot enough to see that gratifying, Instagram-worthy cheese pull, but not too hot that you end up burning your tongue. 

There is an art to eating pizza, much as there is an art that goes into making it and all its individual components. Ask people what their favorite element is and there is a good chance their answer will be cheese.

Whether it is a blanket of velvety mozzarella, a crumble of punchy and pungent goat cheese, or a plump piece of burrata gingerly nestled atop a bed of sauce––cheese literally and figuratively binds everything together. While you are spoiled by choice in terms of variety, with endless possible combinations and iterations; marriages of contrasting flavors and textures, people often wonder where to source their cheese. 

Luckily, you don’t need to look too far. There are a bunch of local cheese makers whose products rival the best of the best from your favorite pizza destinations. 

Here are some of Oven Depot’s favorites:

Malagos Farmhouse

Showcasing some of the many artisan cheeses that Malagos Farmhouse offers.

Malagos Farmhouse proudly offers artisan cheese from Davao, among many other delightful products. They claim that environmental factors make their farm a prime location for livestock and agriculture to thrive, and they seek to cultivate a symbiotic relationship between the two. This family-owned business operates on a “farm to fork” ethos, creating small batches of products to ensure only the best quality. 

We can attest to the love, passion, and dedication they put into each of their products. Founder Olive Puentespina started cheesemaking as a hobby in 2005, perfecting the craft through trial and error, science-based research, international travels, and a genuine interest in their livestock. 

Now, Malagos Farmhouse continues to champion the dairy industry in the country, serving over 90 establishments and offering over 20 types of artisan cheeses.

Oven Depot’s picks: 

  • Chevre: 100% goat’s milk; smooth and creamy with a sharp tanginess 
  • Sublime Line: a cow and goat’s milk blend; textured similarly to chevre; comes in a range of flavors like dried mango, pesto, and pineapple for an added kick

You may contact Malagos Farmhouse on their website or through their instagram page @malagosfarmhouse.  

Casa del Formaggio

Casa del Formaggio has long been steeping Italian traditions in the Philippines. Originally stemming from a company that sold canned and bottled Italian-style goods, Bacolod-based Casa del Formaggio has now made a name for itself in the local cheese market. Founded by husband and wife tandem Francesco Patron and Isabelle Montelibano-Patron, who are Italian and Negrense respectively, the company continues to use Italian technologies and methods to make their cheese from Negros cow’s milk.

You may have come across some of their products in restaurants like Grace Park and Green Pastures. The good news is, you can purchase their cheese for your own homemade pizzas. 

Oven Depot’s picks: 

  • Mozzarella Filoni: lower moisture content; also known as the go-to pizza cheese
  • Ricotta: mild and milky; the ideal blank canvas for other toppings like honey, a drizzle of olive oil, and freshly cracked pepper

You may contact Casa Del Formaggio on their website or through their instagram page @casadelformaggio

Casa Burrata

 Using Mozzarella from Casa Burrata. 

Owned by Rachelle Almario, Casa Burrata originally offered a selection of small batch fresh cheeses. They have since expanded to become a one-stop shop for gourmet goods which they can personally vouch for. Based on their catalogue of carefully curated offerings, you know you’re in good hands. In fact, you may even be able to use some of their other products to embellish your pizzas: freshly picked basil, chili garlic oil, truffle honey, and an array of cured meats from their Italian deli menu.

But naturally, burrata is still a mainstay and a best selling product. Their other cheeses are delicious as well. They have weekly order forms, so you know for a fact that your cheese will be fresh every time.

Oven Depot’s picks: 

  • Burrata: simple and special; elevates a good old Margherita pizza
  • Mozzarella Pizza Log: fresh mozzarella; perfect for slicing according to your desired thickness 

You may contact Casa Burrata through their Instagram page, @casaburrata