Celebrating 1 year with a giveaway!

Oven Depot Birthday Logo

Oven Depot Turns 1

It's been a fun and exciting 1 year since Oven Depot fired up and opened it's online site to give Filipinos an experience with the Ooni. Since the start, we've been heating up more and more, and we've expanded our products and provided more options for all of you to enjoy world-class food experience in the comfort of your own home, especially during a pandemic.

When Oven Depot started, one of our greatest milestones and partnerships was with Pepper.ph. Both brands essentially had the same mission --- to give people a way to explore more through their tastebuds as we were locked in at home. From their creative recipes (check out this glazed pork recipe using the Ooni Koda 12) to their famous giveaways on their instagram, the collaboration between the two brands just made sense and that's why right from the launch, we were able to give away an Ooni Pizza Oven for one lucky person to experience.

And just in time for our FIRST birthday... we're teaming up and doing it again!

A New Year with a Familiar Prize

On it's second year, we're still partnering up with the pepper.ph team to give you another chance to walk away with you very own Ooni Koda 12! Just check out their post on their Instagram (find them @pepper.ph or click here for the direct link) and follow the mechanics.

Yes. It's that easy! No strings attached!

The raffle is ongoing and the pepper.ph team will choose a lucky winner on Saturday, August 14 and they will be the one to walk away with their very own Ooni Pizza Oven (which, by the way, isn't strictly for pizza as you can see from the glazed pork recipe above and its photo below)!

Image from Pepper.ph

So what are you waiting for? Go and grab that opportunity to win yourself an Ooni! But if the odds weren't in your favor, don't worry because we're still going to have our Oven Depot Birthday Sale all the way until Sunday, August 15 where you can get up to 25% off on ovens and accessories (the Karu 12 is only 14,999!) so you still win, no matter what!

Thanks for celebrating one year with us, and we're excited to bring you all more exciting experiences and adventures for you to go on really soon!