Oven Depot Makes Mastering the Art of Smoking with the Masterbuilt Simple

It’s long overdue for the Philippines to start refocusing on the art of smoking once more. While there still is a need for outdoor ovens and aesthetic looking grills, those who are looking to level up and master not just grilling but smoking food will enjoy the innovation that the Masterbuilt brings into the scene.

The Masterbuilt brand was founded in the United States in 1973 and is considered to be one of the best grills, and particularly smokers, for the general public due to its design and insulation, innovative wood chip system, and its affordable price range. With the aim of allowing consumers to smoke their favorite products by setting it and forgetting it until it’s done, the Masterbuilt allows anyone to master the art of smoking without much hassle.

A New Center of Gravity

In line with the goal of providing unique cooking experiences through quality appliances, Oven Depot is bringing into the Filipino market the Masterbuilt Gravity Series, aiming to re-introduce the art of smoking alongside traditional grilling and growing that niche sector.

Instead of requiring a lot of dedicated time and monitoring, the Masterbuilt Gravity Series allows anyone to load up the smoking chamber and let gravity do the work to continuously feed a steady supply of smoke of anyone’s choice, increasing the flavor profile of any food that any aspiring pitmaster wants to attempt.

This once daunting and painstaking process is now as easy as putting any food one wants to smoke into the main chamber and simply load up the smoking chamber with the wood or charcoal of their choice and the Masterbuilt will do the rest — from ensuring the smoke continues to infuse with the food and regulating the temperature of the grill.

This is truly the next level for anyone who wants to master the art of smoking and grilling. Show the Masterbuilt Gravity Series here and get yours now.