Oven Depot Bringing the Best Pizza Oven: The Ooni

What makes the Ooni the brand the best brand in the portable pizza oven market?

The Ooni Pizza Ovens deliver on its promise of providing fire-baked Neapolitan pizzas anywhere you are, reaching temperatures of 500C (932F) and being able to cook pizzas in 1-minute, all while being compact and portable.

You can also use your Ooni Koda 12, Karu 12, or Koda 16 for more than just pizzas! With its ability to reach high heats, you can perfectly sear steaks and seafood, bake bagels, and so much more. But more than that, the Ooni offers different models that suit your needs, from different sizes (12 inch or 16 inch pizzas) to different fuel types (gas, wood, or charcoal). The Ooni community is also known as a world-class community that helps each other explore more and welcomes new members all the time!


Ooni vs. Kyln or Roccbox: Which is Better?

The Ooni is known world-wide, providing quality support and after sales support as compared to their competitors, and as the official distributors of the Ooni, Oven Depot lives up to the same level of quality ensuring the best experience for you.

For the gas variants, the Ooni is definitely consumes less fuel per hour compared to its competitors. For example, the Ooni Koda 12 consumes about 0.3kg of LPG per hour, which rounds off to about P20 (20 Pesos) per hour burned.

The Ooni is designed Scotland  and is manufactured with the best materials versus competitors like the Kyln Pizza Oven, which is sourced from an OEM (original equipment manufacturer). And unlike the Roccbox, the Ooni provides different models to fit your needs, all in a compact and sleek design. You're getting way more value for money when you purchase an Ooni vs. a Kyln or Roccbox because of the brand that comes along with it. After all, the Ooni is known as the world's number one pizza oven for a reason.