Oven Depot Brings the Future in Grill Design and Innovation with the Everdure by Heston Blumenthal

Grills and barbecues are as straightforward as it gets when it comes to household and garden/backyard appliances. All that’s needed is a place to fire up some wood or charcoal and a way to cook your food on top of the heat. Aside from that, the market of barbecues (which can also be written as barbeque!) is a saturated space, especially here in the Philippines where barbecuing is an integral part of the culture’s cuisine, with prices of grills ranging from highly affordable to extremely opulent and top-of-the-line.

With that, the Everdure brand is as timeless and trusted in the grill and barbecue scene, having been started in Australia in 1935. Fast forward to 2016 when they partnered with Michelin Star Chef Heston Blumenthal to bring the Everdure by Heston Blumenthal line - a sub-brand that aims to revolutionize this timeless classic household staple and bring it up to speed into modern times by revamping the typical grill design and aesthetic as well as incorporating ease-of-use in all the grills.

Sleek, Elegant and Modern

Associated with the rugged outdoors, tailgate parties, and so much more, grilling and barbecuing is seen as a very masculine method of cooking, but with the Everdure's modern design, it’s changing that perception and allowing all kinds of people to enjoy grilled foods together.

With its award-winning design, anyone can enjoy grilling their favorite dishes from different types of meats to the vast options of vegetables without sacrificing their style and appearance. Coming in different colors and styles, clean lines, and well-thought out design choices, any of the Everdure grill and smoker models will seamlessly fit into different homes and lifestyles, becoming a centerpiece and point of conversation, and not be a wallflower or an eye-sore.

All-in-One for Anyone

Oven Depot aspires to bring all the best for the Philippine market that’s why the Everdure has been included into the brands that we carry. The Everdure has various types of grills and barbecues that suit any Filipino’s needs. From the Everdure CUBE that focuses on portability to the Everdure 4K that incorporates high-tech accessories, innovation is in the essence of all the Everdure products.

From easy electronic ignition of your charcoal to having automated rotisseries and internal temperature thermometers, the Everdure line has both the pro and the casual grillmaster in mind.