A Modern Way of Grilling and Barbecuing with the Everdure

Grilling, barbecuing or barbequing, bbq, and even the local inihaw. The art of grilling and roasting food over an open fire with wood or charcoal has been a timeless way of cooking. That being said, there's so many different kinds of grills and barbecues under so many different brands that serve different purposes as well. But with the Everdure, you get to have the ultimate versatile grill lineup that's in line with today's current trends.

The Everdure versus other grill and barbecue brands (like Weber, Char-Broil WOLF, and more)

The grilling industry is a saturated market with a lot of different brands that fit any kind of budget - from high-end luxury brands to generic ones that get that job done. So what sets the Everdure by Heston Blumenthal line apart from the likes of Weber, Char-Broil, Wolf, and more?

To put it simply, it's the award-winning design and innovative features that give the Everdure grills the edge. Most grills are made to do one thing and can definitely be an eye-sore in anyone's balcony, patio, garden, or backyard. However, with the Everdure, you get quality grills that are easy on the eyes with its thoughtfully crafted modern elegance.

Not only that, you get innovative features like the patented Rotiscope technology on the Everdure FUSION and Everdure HUB II, bluetooth connectivity with temperature controls on the Everdure 4K, and the multipurpose functionality of each component found on the Everdure CUBE. All of this allows you to take grilling to the next level and keeps the Everdure ahead of its time and brings barbecuing into the modern age.

A Chameleon with Cultures

The Everdure's modern and sleek design allows it to be versatile enough to be used with any style of grilling from different cultures. In the Filipino context, the Everdure can be set up as a typical ihawan where anyone can grill things like inihaw na baboy or inihaw na pusit, isawand even inasal that can bring it close to home to the Philippines.

However, the Everdure can go beyond the Philippines and can show its versatility by being used to fit into the trendy Korean Barbecue or KBBQ scene where you can grill your own samgyupsalgalbi, or woosamgyup right on your own dining table with real charcoal (we recommend the Everdure CUBE for this!). Maybe Japanese is something that is more interesting, and the Everdure grills can seamlessly transition into becoming a yakiniku grill for those delicious yakitori and char-grilled Japanese A5 Wagyu. There's also a possibility to go western and grill any kind of steak and veggies on it to give you that all-American feel.

Whatever culture and cuisine it is, the Everdure by Heston Blumenthal can definitely change to where you'd like your tastebuds to go.