Oven Depot Beginner’s Guide: 10 Tips for Grilling 

Grilling and grilled foods have always been a classic staple in any Filipino meal, so it’s time to shed some light on the basics to make sure you’re doing it right! Whether it be your go-to Filipino pork barbeques or your premium cut steaks and even roasted veggies, the Everdure FUSION can do it all! While a lot of people tend to put emphasis on recipes and other techniques, very few actually go down to the little details that will make your grilling experience even better than you anticipate. Start your grilling journey with Oven Depot’s 10 tips for better grilling! 


  • Charcoal is the way
  • There are two types of charcoal, depending on how fast you want your grill to heat up. So it’s important to know the different types you can get before buying some charcoal at your local department store.

    • Briquettes - Starting with our highly recommended one, especially if you’re just starting out, briquettes tend to be easier to control and are known to keep a very consistent temperature through longer cooks.
    • Lump Charcoal - Tend to burn hotter and faster, so if you’re looking to grill something with an easy cook out, this is the way to go!
  • Quick and easy
  • Don’t complicate things when grilling! Grill whatever food or veggies you want, granted that you’ll enjoy it with family and friends.

  • Timing is everything
  • Most grills will need you to keep a watchful eye on the food so that you avoid overcooking it or burning it. While the Everdure FUSION will still demand you to keep a watchful eye on what you’re doing. However, the Everdure line has got you covered! That’s where the Everdure 4K model comes in; you won’t have to worry much about temperature control as it has a timer function which you can use to your advantage, especially when cooking your meats! But at the end of the day, do keep in mind that timing is still important when grilling your meats.

  • More than one heat
  • It’s also important to note which kinds of meats need more heat to cook or are already good to rest on the plate. Direct and indirect grilling plays a part in this, and it helps to know when to apply both.

    Direct heat grilling is quick and hotter as it is exposed to high heat and is in direct contact with the flames, so this method can be used to sear your vegetable skewers or pork chops for a finely charred finish. Indirect grilling on the other hand is in low heat and is a lot slower, this is done to maintain an even temperature and make sure something doesn’t immediately cook through from the outside leaving the inside uncooked. This is most effective on larger cuts of meat like steaks, whole roast chickens, and pizza that need to be seared and cooked overtime.

  • Too cold
  • In line with direct and indirect grilling, the temperature of what you’re grilling is also an important aspect to note. It’s important to not directly place fresh-out-of-the-refrigerator meats on the grill as it will affect how evenly it cooks. Make sure they rest until room temperature or thaw them out if the meat is still frozen.

  • Steak break!
  • If you’re cooking this timeless grill staple, this is a must! As with every steak, remember to always let your meat rest before digging in! It helps keep the juices and the heat inside, allowing you to get a more flavorful and juicy bite every time

  • Don't push me down
  • When grilling burgers or steaks, it is not necessary to press down on the patties as this will cause them to lose their juice and cause the coals to flare up in the process. Additionally, it may make them stick to the grate which will make it harder to flip when the time comes. While it looks fun and aesthetic, this will make it difficult to control the heat and timing of your grilling.

  • Oil 'em up!
  • Related to #7, remember to oil your grates as this helps prevent food from sticking.

  • Always clean, never dirty
  • This should come as a default, but in case you’re new to grilling and want to be better at it, remember to always clean your grill after use, as this will ensure that it will always be ready for grilling anytime you need it. It will help avoid getting that burnt flavor from leftover residue from previous cooking, and also ensure no bacteria grow!

  • Grilling to stay winning
  • Last but not least, remember that grilling is a fun way to spend some outdoor time with family and friends. Especially with the current pandemic, eating al fresco or having a safe space to host family and close friends for a chill and grill session is never a bad idea! Modernize the way you grill to make life a little easier to be able to have some family quality time with the Everdure FUSION.