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Restaurant-quality pizza made at home - The Manila Standard

by Tet Defensor

What is more fun than eating pizza? Preparing it with friends and watching it cook in seconds in your very own sleek pizza oven, that is.

Enzo Santos first saw Ooni pizza oven at a co-worker’s place in the United Kingdom. Pizza with friends is always fun, but that particular evening instead of calling for delivery, his friends prepared the pizza from scratch.

The pizza tasted great but what caught Santos’ attention was the sleek oven that stylishly rested on the table. It was small and compact, so different from the typical massive kitchen oven.

Portable pizza ovens are flying off the shelves, and your titos and titas have something to do with it - ANCX 

 by Rhia Grana

The quarantine has brought out people’s innate passion for food and cooking. With many restaurants closed and people’s movement restricted, many have inevitably turned themselves either into home cooks or food entrepreneurs. This led to the rising popularity of various kitchen tools and equipment: air fryers, electric mixers, Korean barbecue grills, multi-cookers, and coffee makers. 

Recently, one kitchen appliance that’s been gaining attention is the pizza oven. Yup, not a regular home oven—a.k.a. your mom’s La Germania—but a pizza oven that can either be wood- or gas-fired, or electric. And because many would want to have family “outings”—picnics, camping, glamping, swimming in their backyard—the portable oven is very much the kind preferred at the moment. You know, something you can easily bring in and out of the house. 

This Stylish Outdoor Pizza Oven Is Perfect For Your Backyard - Metro Style

By Troy Barrios

If you want to learn to make pizza like a pizzaiolo (a bona fide Neapolitan pizza maker), then you'll need a bona fide pizza oven. Good thing we found the Ooni Koda Pizza Oven, a sleek portable pizza oven that's sleek and stylish, easy to use, and won't take up too much space in your backyard (or even balcony). It's just what you need to make super delicious restaurant-level pizzas that will impress your family, even if you're an amateur home cook (like me). 

Mini pizza ovens, portable grills and other summer necessities - Noli Soli

by Andrei Yuvallos 

While most of us are dreaming of getting away from the city and surrounding ourselves with nature, it’s probably not going to happen. Instead of our dream island getaway or a meditative stay in the mountains, we’re all probably going to have to settle for a quaint backyard gathering or some quality time with our balconies—both of which are luxuries few have access to. 

If you have access to either of those luxuries, here are a few mini-outdoor appliances that’ll help you make the most out of your summer. 

LOOK: This CRUSTworthy Oven Lets You Cook Pizza in a Minute - When in Manila 

 by Dianne Nicole Go

Ah, pizza. Who doesn’t love a good slice? Whether you’re on the pineapples-on-pizza side or against it, there are just so many combinations, possibilities, and even brands who offer (and deliver) this stuff!

The thing with reheating  pizza, especially one you’ve been saving in the fridge, is that it takes time. Microwaving it is fast, sure, but you lose the crunchy crust along the way. Cooking it in the oven is a great option, but sometimes it takes just way too long. Even more so if you’re cooking pizza from scratch. We bet that takes even longer.