Ooni Pro Gas Burner


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Quickly and easily convert your Ooni Pro to a gas fired pizza oven! The Gas Burner for Ooni Pro attaches right onto the back of Ooni Pro, providing a convenient and easy option to power your oven with gas. Offering the same incredible speed and high heat as using wood or charcoal, the heat control knob means effortlessly cooking at a range of temperatures. Ooni Pro heats up to 932 ̊F (500 C) within 20 minutes of firing, ready to cook anything from bread loaves to 60-second pizza and steak.

Whats in the Box

1x Gas Burner for Ooni PRO

2 x 10mm screws and Allen key
1x Extendable match holder
1x Instruction manual
*Hose and regulator not included 

Technical specifications

Materials: 430 stainless steel
Size (boxed): 37cm x 31cm x 14cm
Size (burner unit): 33cm x 15cm x 13cm
Weight (boxed): 2.5kg
Weight (unit): 1.2kg
6.2kWh / 442g/h / 21155 BTU
To be used with LPG gas


Gas Burner for Ooni PRO is for outdoor use only.
Gas Burner for Ooni PRO runs on bottled LPG gas only.
Gas Burner for Ooni PRO is for use with the Glass door off ONLY
Gas Burner for Ooni PRO was designed, tested and approved for use with Ooni PRO oven. While it physically fits some of our previous models, we have not tested this extensively and therefore cannot guarantee or provide a warranty for using this product with ovens other than Ooni PRO

If the flame is blown by strong winds, it can cause a roaring sound which means that the heat and flame are not being thrown forward as they should. If this happens and you hear this roaring sound, switch off the burner for at least 5 minutes and re-light as normal. There is advice on this in the Essentials Guide and user manual in the box. We always recommend that you position Ooni so that the wind is not blowing in to the front of the oven to avoid this.

The consequence of allowing this to happen is that the burner unit itself can heat up very hot, therefore melting the black plastic gas knob in the rear of the unit.

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